The United Kingdom Intersex Association (UKIA) is an education, advocacy, campaigning and support organisation which works on behalf of Intersex people.

Intersex people are individuals whose anatomy or physiology differ from contemporary cultural stereotypes of what constitute typical male and female.

UKIA has the following aims:

  • to educate, inform and campaign in order to remove the shame, secrecy, social prejudice, ignorance and stigmatization which surround Intersex people.
  • to campaign against the pathologising and medicalisation of Intersex peoples' lives.
  • to campaign against the use of surgery and other medical treatments for coercing Intersex people to physically conform to cultural definitions of "normal".
  • to campaign against the widespread practice of witholding information from Intersex people regarding the medical implications of being born Intersex where these exist.
  • to campaign for the same status and respect for human rights accorded to all others to be equally accorded to Intersex people.

Contact UKIA:

UKIA Director - Dr J. Hayes-Light < Email:>